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“Working with Eric on the sale of our property was a pleasure. Due to rent control, zoning, architectural preservation and other factors, it was a complicated sale and Eric and Susan proved to be the knowledgeable, persevering, detail-oriented, good-natured realtors that we needed. I wholeheartedly recommend them.” - Skip Brownell, Lisa Brownell “Eric used his vast network of real investors and brought us several buyers with competitive offers. His knowledgeable and organized team were always available to help us navigate through the complexities of this market and I would recommend him for any of your real estate needs.” - Laura Conti “After working with Eric for the past couple of months I now understand why he is #1 in the industry. His positive attitude and personality are remarkable. I'm truly thankful for his commitment to sell my properties, and for his sound advice. Thank you, Eric.” - Carmel Matteson “Your marketing efforts resulted in obtaining a qualified buyer in this challenging market. This was a complicated transaction and your professionalism and experience made a difference. I look forward to working with you again in the future.” - Harry Abelson


Across Los Angeles, Eric Sackler & Associates provides expert advisory and brokerage services to commercial and multi-family real estate owners, investors, lenders and tenants.

For more than 20 years we’ve succeeded for clients by recognizing every single assignment as important, and helping individual investors, companies and financial institutions realize the potential of each asset and every investment decision.

Whether you’re buying, selling, holding, developing or leasing — or not sure what to do — we provide unmatched market knowledge and the insight you need to evaluate alternatives and options to meet your objectives.

We look forward to working with you!

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