Buyers & Sellers

From the start and every step of the way, Eric Sackler & Associates is invested in your success.

For Sellers

If you're a property seller, we thoroughly analyze your asset to determine the highest price achievable considering current market conditions, property rehabilitation or repositioning opportunities, and available financing for prospective buyers.

Our unsurpassed knowledge of California property markets… proprietary database of regional buyers… far-reaching exposure platform for your listings... and successful track record achieving the highest sales prices for clients have made us the top choice for owners of apartment buildings, office buildings and retail centers.

For owners of multiple properties, we can help evaluate each property based on current market conditions and future trends for each specific location.

For Buyers

If you're purchasing a property, our diligence is just as dutiful so you can make an informed and profitable purchase. To this end, we analyze the current and future potential of prospective real estate investments, then formulate a game plan for acquiring assets at the most reasonable price.

With extensive market data, research and a long history of success, we provide comprehensive investment analytics to help evaluate and increase return on investment, as well as find alternative financing recommendations and provide individual or multiple location transaction services.

Our local market knowledge ensures your transaction will be completed in accordance with government and regulatory standards.

Leasing Services

As an investment advisor and broker, Eric Sackler & Associates has helped hundreds of commercial property owners and tenants make good matches.

For owners, we analyze competitive properties, prevailing market conditions and building occupancy to help determine potential lease rates. We identify prospective tenants through market strategy development using state-of-the-art proprietary systems for transaction services including lease negotiations and lease renewals.

For space occupiers, similar analysis helps us reveal optimal locations and negotiate attractive lease terms. We can conduct lease vs. buy vs. build comparisons, market and space alternative reviews, and lease audit and occupancy cost analysis.

We welcome referrals from residential real estate brokers and agents.

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